At Home Exercises

Although there are an increasing number of people signing up to join gymnasiums, there are also a growing number of people that are starting to do exercises in the comfort of their own homes. The many people that join gyms join because they probably cannot afford nor have space for some of the expensive, impressive but sometimes large exercise machinery available in gyms. Perhaps though, many of these people do not realize that two of the most beneficial exercises, do not really need any expensive equipment, if any at all, and so can be done conveniently from their home.

The two exercises which are highly beneficial and yet need little if any equipment are sit ups and pull ups. Sit ups can of course be done almost anywhere with very little aid needed and pull ups can be done on any bar which is secured. Both of these exercises though are known as compound exercises and so target multiple muscle groups whereas some of even the most expensive equipment, only targets one muscle group. The sit ups target multiple muscle groups in the lower body whilst the pull ups target multiple muscle groups in the upper body and so between them, they can give your whole body an effective workout.

For those people that are already doing these exercises in their homes or are intending to start, there are now pull up bars which have been specifically designed for them, for use in the home. One of these specially designed pull up bars is a pullup bar for a doorway and these have become very popular as they are inconspicuous and yet effective. Another one is the freestanding pull up bar which of course is not conspicuous as it can be stowed somewhere when not in use and a third one is the wall mounted pull up bar. Of course the wall mounted pull up bar is a lot more conspicuous but is just as effective as the other two types and all can be used in the home.

Many of the people that decide to do exercises do so because they want to lose weight and so often will do specific exercises recommended by their dietician however, regardless of what exercises they have been recommended to do, both sit ups and pull ups can still be beneficial if included into a exercise routine. The reason for this is that these two exercises will increase the heart rate and that in turn will assist someone in doing the exercises they have been recommended to do. In fact, regardless of what your purpose is for exercising and regardless of which muscle groups you want to target, these two exercises should always be included into any exercise routine.

Some people that are only interested in achieving a V shaped upper body, will only do pull ups and others that just want an overall trim and muscular look may do both the sit ups and the pull ups to achieve their aims.