Bullets2Bandages is a company that specializes in providing gifts for a best man. This means that their gifts are orientated towards men however more recently, to meet requests, they have adapted some of their gifts so that they would also be suitable for women, perhaps a maid of honour in appreciation of her services to the bride and groom. The gifts, being suitable for a best man, are of course suitable as father’s day gifts.

Each gift is unique as it includes engraving or etching of names, dates and occasions on which the gift was given but that personalization is not the only thing that makes them unique.

Most of these gifts are also unique because they are made from spent military ammunition, like 0.50mm cartridges. The items which are not actually made from ammunition are designed to look as if they were.

The range of gifts, known as groomsmen gifts, include money clips, bottle openers, coasters and cuff links and so are useful and convenient as well as unique and appropriate. Each gift makes for a great talking piece every time it is taken out to be used and the personalization reminds the owner of the occasion when they received it, making it a very good keepsake and piece of personal memorabilia.

It is often painstakingly hard to find a suitable for any man but especially so when it is a gift for a best man. This company has therefore taken out the pain for many people by saving them hours of searching either online or locally, for that ideal gift.

One of the advantages of buying one of these gifts is that it is very unlikely that the recipient has even seen one of them before, let alone owned one and the reason for that is that they are not available in stores, only online and from the one website.

The company was founded by 2 military officers after they left the service in 2011 but in honour of their friends that are still serving or have also left, they donate a percentage of their earnings from these items to a veteran’s organization.

This means that when you buy a gift for one individual, you are also playing your part in providing a gift for another, a military veteran and that veteran will be just as appreciative of your gratitude, as the person receiving the gift will be.

Since the business started, some bars have expressed an interest in some of the items the company creates and so to meet those requests, they now make a range of products that are suitable for bar rooms. These later items include shot and pint glasses, trays for carrying drinks and beer tap handles, each of course, similarly engraved to the other items. These additional items have become popular and so you may see a variety of them in your local bar, especially if it is a bar that is visited by veterans of the United States Military or their friends.