How an Electric Bike Works

Although many people may not fully understand how an electric bike works, they still buy them because they are convenient and can save them a lot of energy. How electric bikes work though is quite simple, they merely have an electric motor which is powered by a battery and controlled by a controller placed on the handle bars. When the controller is set for the motor to work, the motor works for as long as the battery’s charge will last. How long the battery’s charge lasts depends on which mode the controller is set to. there are three modes that can be set on the controller, peddle only mode which means that the motor is not used at all and so obviously the battery’s charge could never run out. Peddle assist mode which means the motor will work whenever the peddles are used and if used in this mode, the battery’s charge could last for as many as 40 miles. The third mode is motor only and in this mode, as the motor is continuously in use, the battery’s charge may only last for about 20 miles. In the motor only mode of course, the cyclist need not peddle, saving a lot of energy and sweat and in the peddle assist mode, the motor will assist in taking the hard work out of peddling by adding more power for uphill sections or for when peddling against the wind. In the peddle only mode, movement is of course only through peddle power but at least the combined weight of the battery, motor and control is only about 20 pounds and so it is much the same as peddling a more traditional bike. Not having to peddle though, means if you ride a bike to work, you can arrive fresh and not exhausted as you may if you had to peddle the whole way. As an electric bike is similar in size and weight to a traditional bike, it is far easier to find a place to park it than it would be for a moped or scooter. Although it may not be recommended for cycle racers to train on, an electric bike can provide exercise for others that would like it. As, unlike a moped or scooter, an electric bike does not use gas, there are not the added expenses that they have.

When buying an electric bike there are several options that you will have. Although the controller is usually always located on the handle bars for convenience and the battery is usually always located discreetly behind the saddle, there are choices as to where the motor is located. One of the options is on the hub of the front wheel and another is on the hub of the rear wheel but although these provide power directly to one of the wheels, many people seem to prefer the third option which is to have the motor located centrally here it connects to the drive chain.