Is E-cigarette Helpful In Breaking Dependence On Nicotine?

One of my favorite philosophers, Aristotle, once said that “we are what we repeatedly do.” Obviously, this great philosopher is talking about the different habits that we have imbibed throughout our existence. He equated the personality with the summation of all the habits of a person. Hence, we are what we repeatedly do, and what we repeatedly do are the habitual actions that we perform every day. Often we could say that a person has a good personality when the good habits of that person far outnumber the bad habits of that person, and we usually distinguish between good habits and bad habits. Good habits are the habitual actions which we commonly refer to as virtues. Hence, a person with many virtues is considered virtuous. On the other hand, the bad habits are usually referred to as vices, and we usually refer to a person with many bad habits as a bad person. So why did I elaborate on the differences between good and bad habits? The reason is this, the bad habits that we usually have bring us harm, while the good habits that we have bring us well-being. Likewise, the reason why I elaborated on the critical aspects of good and bad habits is because of my desire to expound on the vice of smoking cigarette. The habit of smoking cigarette is considered as a vice because it brings potential and actual harm to a person. The continuous smoking of cigarette brings addiction to nicotine. Likewise, this addiction may lead to health complications in the long run.

Many people are trying to break free of this vice but can’t. Now, an alternative is offered to us to overcome the dependence on nicotine. An alternative which is not so much studied, much more, not much proven to be effective. This alternative is the use of e-cigarette.

E-cigarette or simply e-cig is considered to be a viable alternative to use of the traditional cigarettes. If you are going to scrutinize for example the Kanger tanks details, you will readily learn how the simple mechanism of the e-cigarette works. Yet, so much about the simple mechanism of how e-cigar operates. What is important to know is whether e-cigar can help a person quit smoking.

Can E-cigarette help a Person Quit Smoking?

Some studies believe that e-cig doesn’t really help a person quit smoking. Yet, there is a particular study that indicates that a person who wants to quit smoking is sixty percent more likely to succeed breaking the habit if he shifts to the use of e-cigarette in comparison to those who tried to quit but do not use e-cigarette as an alternative. The study likewise maintains that since e-cigarette’s vapor contains nicotine without tobacco, the withdrawal from tobacco dependence is facilitated by e-cig.

Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University School had no part in that study, yet he maintained that e-cig can be a viable alternative to the use of tobacco. However, as of the moment, more studies are needed which can categorically state without any doubt that e-cigarette is indeed helpful in the cessation of the habit of smoking.