Reasons Why We Give Gifts

Gift giving might have been an ancient tradition that go back to the prehistoric years. People in the ancient times offer gifts and offerings to their gods in order to gain favors from their deities. Abraham, for example, offers sacrifice to the Lord. He was even asked to offer his son as a sacrifice to the Lord. In various cultures around the world, sacrifices were done to appease the deities. Likewise, sacrifices were offered to gain the favor of the Gods. The ancient Greeks did this to appease their Gods. Other cultures, such as those in Asia and Africa, also did offer sacrifices to appease their deities. From these simple offerings, the concept of giving gifts might have evolved.

There are many reasons why people give gifts and these reasons may range from the most selfish reasons to the most altruistic reasons. Say for instance, some politicians would give gifts to gain favor with the populace. They would woo and bribe people with gifts to gain their confidence and votes. Sometimes they would even use their money to gain favor with the masses. A man would likewise shower the object of his love with gifts. He does this to win the affection of the object of his love, and he would even spend more money to buy expensive gifts that he thinks would make the object of his love capitulate for his love. Others, however, have more unselfish reasons. Some would give gifts to brighten up the hearts and moods of their friends. Some would also give gifts to enhance relationships and friendships. However, others would give gifts for the sake of giving gifts.

Different Reasons Why We Give Gifts

There may be varied reasons for giving gifts, ranging from the most banal reasons to the most altruistic reasons. Yet, the fact remains that gift giving is a universal phenomenon that happens in all cultures. Likewise, we can never really downplay the value of gift giving in human society. Although we can never say that it is human nature to give gifts, we can always say that gift giving is a positive attitude and habit which is worth developing and nurturing.

One of the best times to give gifts is the Christmas Day. There are varieties and all sorts of gifts which we can readily give our friends, relatives, and loved ones. Our gifts may range from the simplest objects that we can think of to the most expensive jewelry that we can buy. We can choose gifts based on the needs of another person. Say for instance, if a person doesn’t have a mobile phone, you can readily give that person with a gift of mobile phone. Online there are various gifts ranging from the best Christmas Hampers which contain a variety of goodies to the most elaborate gifts we could ever think of. People would really appreciate something that they need. But we don’t need to starve ourselves to death just to buy gifts for others. Since gifts should be freely given, there should be no price tag to it. People will understand it, if our gift is not that expensive during Christmas. After all, “it is the thought that counts and not the amount of the gift.”