Taking Care of your Beard

Many man these days like to have a beard and usually they look good, provided that they are taken care of properly. If not then a beard can have the effect that you sleep on the subway or have just let your body hair get out of control. So, in order to keep a beard looking good, it should be trimmed regularly and certain beard products should be used to keep the beard healthy. When trimming a beard you obviously know what shape that you want it to be but the lines that distinguish a beard from over hair are imaginary lines that extend down from the outside edge of the sideburns, coming down and round your chin. The bottom line marking the end of the beard is the crease mark on the neck, just above the Adams apple, so all hair within those lines are classed as beard, with of course the hair on the upper lip sometimes being referred to separately as a moustache. This means that for a beard to be said looks good, the edges of it should be well defined within those lines by regular trimming. Many of the different products that are available for the upkeep of a healthy beard can be found at beard oil Information and these will include oils, waxes and balms. Just like with the hair on top of your head, when you wash your beard you not only remove any dirt but you also remove the natural essential oils from the hair which are there to naturally keep your hair in good condition an so those oils have to be replaced. In order to replace these essential oils, after washing, you can apply beard oil. This oil is a mix of several oils that will condition your hair, making it softer and more manageable. The oil may well of course; contain other ingredients to give the beard a particular nice smell. Beard wax can be applied to beards that are particularly long which will then make the beard easier to control, style and shape. These are the equivalent of the moustache waxes that were once popular for giving the handlebar look to a moustache and are made up of beeswax or petroleum products. The third major product that can be used for the maintenance of a healthy beard is a beard balm. Balms once again contain the oils needed to condition the hair and so can, if preferred, be used instead of beard oil. Although a balm is used to condition the beard, they often also contain ingredients like beeswax and so, in certain circumstances, can also be used instead of beard wax. As a beard balm serves a dual purpose, it may not be as good as using two separate, different products and certainly isn’t as good at styling and shaping longer beards, as a wax is. Usually therefore, the rule of thumb is that if a beard is longer than 4 inches, a wax should be used, less than that then a balm is alright.